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by Carsten de Dreu

Creativiteit krijg je niet voor niks

Psychologist Carsten de Dreu wrote a commissioned, popular-scientific book on creativity while at NIAS in 2015/16. Creativiteit krijg je niet voor niks: Over de psychologie van creativiteit in werk en wetenschap was co-authored by Daniel Sligte and published in 2016 (Van Gorcum).

About the Book

What is creativity? Is it possible to measure creativity, and what are the underlying neuropsychological processes? In this book, Carsten de Dreu and Daniel Sligte dive into the nature of creativity, the ways it can be stimulated, and how it is hampered. There are many myths about creativity, most of them lacking scientific evidence. De Dreu: "It is often said that you get your best ideas under the shower. But this is nonsense."

About the Authors

Dreu, Carsten deCarsten de Dreu is Professor in Social and Organizational Psychology at Leiden University, Distinguished Reseach Fellow at the University of Oxford, and affiliated with the Center for Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making at the University of Amsterdam. De Dreu was Guest of the Rector at NIAS in 2015/16. Daniel Sligte was De Dreu's PhD student at the University of Amsterdam.


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