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Welcome to 29 New Fellows

5 September 2017

The academic year 2017/18 has begun with the arrival of 29 carefully selected fellows, who will work on their own projects in an open academic climate unburdened by the disruptions of day-to-day commitments.

Theo Mulder, director NIAS: "It is a great honor to welcome our new fellows. They will be part of this international and interdisciplinary year-group consisting of scientists, but also of writers, artists and journalists-in-residence. The proven method at NIAS is that fellows become part of a community and that provides a safe environment and encourages us to be inspired by colleagues from academic fields that normally would not cross our path. We hope and expect that the fellows' stay at NIAS will be rewarding and not only provides time and space to deepen their scientific research but may lead to new directions, lasting collaborations and new friends.”




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