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Gaisina, S.


Sholpan Gaisina

Sholpan Gaisina, born in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, in 1966. Ph.D. from the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Almaty. Associate Professor of Economics at Innovative University of Eurasia, Pavlodar.

Visiting Grant Scholar (1 January 2010 - 31 March 2010)


In the course of a three-month stay at NIAS, I completed two papers on the development of rural financial institutions in transition with an emphasis on Kazakhstan, and one paper concerning agricultural credit policy in Kazakhstan. In the first paper I examined the factors that affect the access of agricultural producers to formal credit institutions such as commercial banks and rural credit partnerships (RCP). In the second paper I focused on the role of RCPs as potential suppliers of financial and investment resources to the agricultural producers of Kazakhstan. I am now working on a third paper which examines how agricultural credit policy has influenced agricultural production in Kazakhstan over the last few decades, and what problems still need to be solved in this area.
I was furthermore able to revise a paper that was accepted for publication for the IAMO Forum 2010 (Germany), and to start preparation for a new project concerning the problems of quality of life in rural areas.


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