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Gierveld, J.


Jenny Gierveld

Jenny Gierveld, born in Rijssen, the Netherlands, in 1938. Ph.D. from the VU University, Amsterdam. Former Director of the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague, and Professor of Social Research Methodology at the VU University, Amsterdam.

Permanent Fellow (1 September 2001 - 30 June 2002)

During the period Summer 2001 to Summer 2002, I continued my work on demographic and social aspects of ageing. Two survey programmes, 'NESTOR-Living Arrangements and Social Networks of Older Adults' and the 'Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam (LASA)' were the main focus of my work at NIAS during this period. I analysed the longitudinal data, using new methods of multivariate analyses, and prepared several articles for publication in (inter)national journals. Some of these publications were based on invited paper presentations, and keynote lectures, presented during the year. The theme of my research continues to be the social integration of older people as demonstrated by the type of living arrangements, the type of social networks, and the degree of well-being. New data became available about the determinants and effects of loneliness. Moreover, I continued work on the preparation of next year's theme group "Older adults' life strategies in preparing for the future".

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