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Gierveld, J.


jenny Gierveld

Jenny Gierveld, born in Rijssen, the Netherlands, in 1938. Ph.D. from the VU University, Amsterdam. Former Director of the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague, and Professor of Social Research Methodology at the VU University, Amsterdam.

Fellow (1 September 2000 - 30 June 2001)

During my stay at NIAS in the period October 2000 - July 2001, I worked in the field of demographic and social aspects of ageing. I intended to rewrite several papers about ageing and older persons that I had presented at international conferences before October 2000, for publication in (inter) national journals. Furthermore, I aimed to continue my research into new life-strategies, and the social integration of older persons by analysing data that stem from re-interviewing older persons who have chosen to start flexible forms of new partner relationships. Now, at the end of my first year at NIAS, I think I can say that this year has given me excellent opportunities to become more involved in ongoing research activities in this field. As intended, I finalised several publications, and other publications will be available in due time. Several of these publications will be based on invited paper presentations, and invited keynote lectures, presented in the first half year of 2001. Moreover, I used this period of time to think about, and prepare a proposal for a theme group "Life Strategies of Elderly People in the Western World", to be organised at NIAS in the year 2002/2003.

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