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Runia, E.


Eelco Runia

Eelco Runia, born in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, in 1955. M.A. from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Assistant Professor of General Practice Medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Junior Fellow (1 September 1994 - 30 June 1995)

It was my intention to use my stay at NIAS to complete my dissertation on Lev Tolstoy's views about history and historiography. This in fact I did: I wrote the chapters 4 and 5 and the epilogue, completely rewrote chapter 1 and the introduction, revised chapters 2 and 3 and compiled a bibliography. The promotion took place on 29 June 1995, a commercial edition of the book is published by Meulenhoff and chances are that the book will appear in an English and a German translation as well.

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