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Boer, P. den


Pim den Boer 

Pim den Boer, born in Leiden, the Netherlands, in 1950. Ph.D. from Leiden University. Professor of the History of European Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

Fellow (1 September 1994 - 30 June 1995)

As a member of the nucleus "The History of Dutch Concepts" I focussed my work during the first few months of the year on sixteenth-century sources. I prepared a new edition with introduction of Simon Stevin's Het Burgherlijke Leven (Leiden 1590). I was impressed by the conceptual richness of this political treatise. The various official and informal meetings of the members of the theme group led to the plan to write a volume of theoretical essays, "The History of Concepts: Comparative Perspectives". My contribution will be a critical assessment of the German Begriffsgeschichte and the phrasing of the starting points for the Dutch project. It will be entitled "Archaeology of knowledge, German Begriffsgeschichte and Dutch conceptual history". I was a member of the working group on 'civilization/culture', which will present its results in 1996. Furthermore, I have done research into the origins and historiographic significance of Huizinga's Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen.

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