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Research at NIAS: presenting the Fellows

The NIAS academic community is made up of researchers from all parts of the world as well as the Netherlands. Each academic year, a group of Fellows spend between three to ten months working on their project. Depending on the type of Fellowship, some researchers work intensively together in theme groups on a particular topic while others work as individual researchers.

Currently at NIAS

We proudly present this years’ research group below. If you click on a name you will find details of each Fellow’s background, research project and fellowship at NIAS.

Academic Community

NIAS actively encourages Fellows from various disciplines to share, challenge and discuss ideas during academic events and in social settings. Interaction between the many disciplines at NIAS leads to new insights and also serves to bind each year group. If you browse the lists of former year groups below, you will see the diversity and depth of research that has been carried out at NIAS since 1972.

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